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You are about to take a journey into the Kingdom Life, we wish we could speak about the church and its facilities and ranking, but the conversation always gets heated up when the Spirit of the Lord takes over. Read for yourself and see why its called the Kingdom Life...


Kingdom Life Believer’s Church is built on the belief that Jesus Christ is our King and that He humbled himself to be born of the virgin Mary, his childhood and divine wisdom astonished even the learned and during his ministry here on earth that He instructed and did miracles beyond any man’s comprehension. Yes at last HE suffered and died, but rose on the third day as He had promised.


Here at KLBC, we see the need for normal people, from various backgrounds, race and gender who come together in admiration for our King, because HE never forced His Kingdom or rule upon us, but we saw this King, The Son of God to be all that His Word says that He is. When we pray in His name to the Father we know that He actually understands us because He walked this road and not only that, He died for you and me.


Kingdom Life, speaks of  lifestyle, one day at a time, to do what the Lord Jesus did and more as He said unto His disciple, to show Him that His sacrifices was never in vain and that we are determined to see Him face to Face one day, because He promised that this world is not for eternity, but because He is eternal within us, that we will see Him one day in the by and by.

Again, KLBC is not for the high hearted and self righteous, it is a place of fellowship for men, woman children, the lost whom Satan is destroying through his weapons of mass destruction.

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    93 Rowallan Crescent
    Wesbank 7580
    Western Cape

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