Terms of Use

Terms of Use
churchdirectory.co.za, Listing churches, christian Businesses and services in SouthAfrica. By participating as a Church, Businesses, services the churchdirectory.co.za understand and agree to the following:
The information submitted by you will be maintained by churchdirectory.co.za. Information you submit must be accurate and truthful.
Church and christian Business information is collected for the expressed purpose of your listing on the churchdirectory.co.za.  
Communications from churchdirectory.co.za will be in the form of email messages, faxes and/or direct mail based on information collected from you. 
Any Church and christian Business participant may request to be removed from the churchdirectory.co.za. 
User Agreement 
You agree to indemnify and hold harmless churchdirectory.co.za and employees, and affiliates against any your directory listing and churchdirectory.co.za website. 
You understand and accept that churchdirectory.co.za neither recommend or advice, nor advocates or recommends the purchase or use of any product or service, or 
the services of any brand or denomination, Person or community. Information on churchdirectory.co.za website is provided without warranties of any kind either 
expressed or implied.
If you are enrolling or participating in a listing you understand that churchdirectory.co.za. will review information submitted by you. 
If you are found to have submitted information that misrepresents who you are or your professional status you will be disqualified from 
participation and will not receive honor aria if applicable. You also understand that misrepresenting yourself as a church Body is a 
felony offense.
By submitting information and participating you agree to the terms of this Agreement and understand that such terms are legally binding upon you,
churchdirectory.co.za. may modify this User Agreement and Privacy Policy at any time at its sole discretion. You understand that notice of any changes 
will be communicated to you by email.By submitting information and participating you acknowledge, understand and agree to the terms of this churchdirectory.co.za. 
User Agreement and its entirety.