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Scoliosis is a disorder that causes an abnormal curve of the spine, or the backbone. Scoliosis can be hereditary. Scoliosis surgery is performed to repair the abnormal curving of the spine. This surgery is performed with a goal to straighten the spine and aligning the shoulders and hips to correct the back problem. Treatment of scoliosis is based on the severity of the curve. Certain types of scoliosis have a greater chance of getting worse with time. There is three main type of treatment. Observation, bracing, and surgery.
Scoliosis surgery usually takes around 4 to 6 hours. While performing the surgery the surgeon makes an incision and moves the muscles and removes the joints between the different vertebrae. The surgeon then puts the bone grafts and replaces them. Various metal instruments such as wires, rods, and screws are used to hold the spine together until the bone grafts attach and heal.
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Undergo Scoliosis Spine Surgery from the best surgeons in India