Low Cost Surgery for Prolactinoma Treatment in India

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Prolactinoma is a noncancerous pituitary tumor that produces a hormone called prolactin. This result in excess of prolactin in blood. Prolactinoma are about 5 times more common in women than in men. Prolactinoma in women leads to abnormal milk flow from breast that are not pregnant or nursing, breast tenderness, decreased sexual interest, headaches, infertility, stopping of menstrual cycle, and vision changes. Prolactinoma treatment is usually carried out with medications and needs surgery in extreme conditions. IndianMedTrip provides you the best health advisory regarding the prolactinoma treatment and the pituitary tumor removal. Get treated under the supervision of India’s best doctors with IndianMedTrip as it helps you stay well, get well, find the right treatment for prolactinoma and deal effectively with your problem of pituitary tumor. IndianMedTrip offers you the budget friendly treatment for prolactinoma with highly qualified, experienced and competent doctors in internationally accredited hospitals of India.

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Low Cost Surgery for Prolactinoma Treatment in India