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Laminectomy is also called as lumbar laminectomy, cervical laminectomy or decompressive laminectomy. Laminectomy is a type of back surgery which is performed to relieve the patient from compression on the spinal cord. Laminectomy surgery is used to remove lamina which is a part of the bone that makes up a vertebra in the spine. Laminectomy can also be performed to remove the bone spurs in the spine. Laminectomy procedure can take the pressure off the spinal nerves or spinal cord of the patient. In this surgery, the spinal canal is opened up canal so that the spinal nerves have more room. Laminectomy can also be performed with foraminotomy, discectomy and spinal fusion procedure. While performing the surgery the surgeon makes an incision in the middle of the back or the neck and moves the skin, muscles, and ligaments aside and removes all the lamina bones on both the sides of the spine. The surgeon then removes any small disk fragments, bone spurs, or other soft tissue. The muscles and other tissues are then put back in place.

Laminectomy can be very expensive in western countries whereas in India these surgery is available at very much lesser costs. IndianMedTrip medical tourism company in India helps you in finding the best surgeon and healthcare facility in India. IndianMedTrip has a large network of associated surgeons and top most healthcare facilities in India. IndianMedTrip offers their patients with the best medical treatments the country the most reasonable costs. In

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Best Deal for Laminectomy Surgery in India with IndianMedTrip Medical Consultants